12 Best Tactical Gloves for Protection and Shooting in 2023

Like most tactical gear, tactical gloves were originally designed for special operations and law enforcement units for combat and patrol duty. But today they are popular among airsoft and paintball players, motorcycle riders, hunters, and survivalists as a handy piece of protective gear.

Before you start shopping for tactical gloves, here are a few points that you need to keep in mind.

Material and Durability

Tactical gloves are made from a wide variety of materials. The amount of protection it offers and its durability will depend on the materials, design, and also on the type of activity for which they are used.

Most manufacturers use a combination of materials to make these gloves. These include synthetic leather, kevlar, neoprene, nylon, rubber, and spandex. 

While some of these offer good resistance to punctures, others protect your hands from impact. The trick is to find the right balance between dexterity and protection. In case you want the best protection, look for thick padding around the palms, fingers, and knuckles.

The materials and the design of the gloves go a long way in determining the dexterity of the gloves. When you have to make split-second decisions for survival, the agility of your fingers matters.

Remember, not all tactical gloves are built to be long-lasting. In general, tactical gloves can last between three months to a year. But that depends on the frequency and nature of use.


No matter the material, the design of the gloves should offer the right level of comfort and protection. If you’re planning to use them during winters, check the insulation levels. Choosing a material that’s touchscreen compatible is also an important factor.

It’s best to choose a material that offers breathability to prevent your fingers from getting hot and sweaty. Keep in mind, thicker materials can offer better protection, but they reduce the dexterity of the gloves. With thinner gloves, you get better flexibility.

This of course applies for all survival clothing like vests and tactical watches as well. 

Make sure to check the inner lining of the gloves. Since you will be wearing them for long hours the material should feel comfortable with no stiff edges.

Obviously, comfort is closely related to the fit of the gloves. Keep reading to learn more about choosing the fit of the gloves.


A glove that offers poor grip will restrict your actions and can also be a safety risk. The grip is also an important factor while handling firearms.

Many users prefer fingerless gloves that offer better movement and grip. But half-finger gloves offer less protection to your fingers.

Most tactical gloves use a special layer of material on the palms and fingertips to improve the grip. These are a better choice when it comes to handling a wide variety of tools.


The fit of the gloves will determine the comfort levels, as well as the mobility of your fingers. The truth is without the right fit, the gloves will not offer the right level of functionality.

The best fit is the one that doesn’t restrict the natural movement of your fingers. In general, choosing a tight fit is better than wearing loose gloves. However, it shouldn’t be too tight to make you feel uncomfortable.

Don’t forget: most tactical gloves will stretch out with constant use. If your gloves already have some extra length, this will further reduce their functionality. So it’s best to choose a pair that offers a better fit with the finger design.

The best option is to follow the manufacturer’s size guide. Even so, try your gloves out after buying by handling some gear to ensure that you have got the right fit.

A tight fit can also have an adverse effect on the tendons and the muscles of the hand. While leather gloves offer great durability, it isn’t stretchable. Materials like Spandex or Nomex are great options for getting an adjustable fit.

In addition to that, pick gloves that come with adjustable wrists. These allow you to customize the fit and ensure better comfort levels.

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