Exclusive: German-French Company KNDS Unveils Cutting-Edge Leopard 2A-RC 3.0 with Revolutionary Unmanned Turret.

On June 12, 2024, a brochure released on the X account of Jeff2146 showcased the latest development by the French-German defense company KNDS: the Leopard 2A-RC 3.0, a new Main Battle Tank (MBT). This advanced tank is based on the Leopard 2’s tracked chassis and features a revolutionary unmanned turret. Read full Defense News at this link …

French-German defense company KNDS has developed the  Leopard 2A-RC 3.0 Main Battle Tank based on Leopard 2 three-men tracked chassis and a new unmanned turret. (Picture source: KNDS)

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Source link: https://worlddefencenews.blogspot.com/2024/06/exclusive-german-french-company-knds.html by Army Recognition at worlddefencenews.blogspot.com