Ukrainian Forces Shot Down Russian Vital A-50U AWACS Using Soviet-Era S-200 Missile

According to information published on February 24, 2024, by “Pravda” a Ukrainian newspaper, the Ukrainian armed forces shot down on February 23, 2024, one A-50U Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft, crucial for the Russian forces deployed in Ukraine. It was intercepted by an old S-200 air defense missile system, NATO code-named SA-5 Gammon, developed by the Soviet Union in the 1960s The primary role of the A-50U is to provide all-weather surveillance, command, control, and communications (C3) for the Russian Air Force and Navy. Read News Russia – Ukraine War at this link …

Ukrainian forces shot down a vital Russian A-50U AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System using old Soviet-made S-200 missile. (Picture source Vitaly Kuzmin)

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