Iran Unveils Heidar-7 Upgrade of Soviet-Made BTR-60PB 8×8 Armored Vehicle with 23mm Cannon

Iran continues to advance its defense capabilities by upgrading Soviet-era armored vehicles, showcasing one of its latest developments, the Heidar-7, during the military parade held on April 18, 2024, celebrating the Islamic Republic of Iran Army Day. The Heidar-7, a modernized version of the Soviet-made BTR-60PB, features significant enhancements including a new turret equipped with a 23mm automatic cannon and enhanced protection with Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) on the turret and hull sides. Read full Defense News at this link …

The new Heidar-7 is based on the Soviet-made BTR-60PB but fitted with a new remotely operated weapon station armed with one 23mm automatic cannon and fitted with ERA armor. (Picture source Iranian Pres Agency)

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