Vulnerability of M1A1 Abrams MBTs: Five Delivered to Ukraine Taken Out in Two Months

 Since their deployment on the Ukrainian front, the M1A1 Abrams tanks have shown significant vulnerabilities to drone attacks, raising questions about the durability of what is considered one of the most advanced armored vehicles in the world. According to a senior American official, five of the 31 Abrams tanks sent by the Pentagon to Ukraine have been destroyed and at least three others have suffered moderate damage overthe past two months, as reported by the New York Times on April 20, 2024. These losses highlight an increasing susceptibility to explosive drones, a phenomenon that could redefine the future use of these armored vehicles in conflicts. Additionally, the relatively low cost of these drones, estimated at $500 each, starkly contrasts with the cost of an Abrams tank, valued at $10 million. Read full Defense news. 

The 47th Mechanised Brigade of the Ukrainian Land Forces reportedly lost its 2nd M1A1 main battle tank after hitting an anti-tank mine during fighting to defend the town of Berdychi in the Donetsk region in March 2024 (Picture source: X Channel @sentdefender )

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